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Guide to Renting Self Storage

Do you have questions about renting self storage?  Well, the attached guide will answer many common questions such as:

  • How do self storage leases work? – Most leases are month-to-month.
  • What size storage unit do I need? – It depends on how much you are planning to store.  Download the below guide to renting self storage to determine what size storage unit and moving vehicle needed to transport your residential items.
  • Do I need climate or non-climate storage?  – Discusses the pros and cons of climate storage.  It’s more expensive but also preserves valuables and sensitive items.
  • How do I rent self storage? – Most self storage providers allow sign up at the facility or online.
  • How can I pay for self storage? – Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order.
  • What lock should I use for my storage unit? – We recommend a well made disc lock.
  • What hours can I access my storage unit? – Hours vary by storage location.  Check with your storage provider.
  • What can’t I put in a self storage unit? – Most household goods are allowed.  Flammables, toxic chemicals, and live animals are typically not allowed to be stored in a storage unit.
  • How to Pack a Storage Unit? – This guide gives tips on how to organize and box items before moving so they are easy to find later on.  It also provides guidance on the best way to arrange items in a storage unit to get the most of the space.
  • How do I vacate a storage unit? – When vacating we request tenants call or email us 7 days before the end of the month to avoid paying for the following month.  The storage unit should be left without contents and swept clean.

Click Here:  The Ultimate Guide to Renting Self Storage 

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