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We’re the best source for Cleveland  self storage and rental houses in the Cleveland, TN area.   We always have self storage available to rent.  With 3 storage locations in Cleveland, TN we are sure to have a unit that meets your needs.  Our facilities include both climate storage and non-climate mini storage.

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There you can browse the different sizes and types of unit we have at each facility along with the current rental rates.  Once you’ve decided which storage facility you would like, click on the link to be directed to the online rental system and set up an account and rent online….   Or if you prefer just call us and come by our office.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have and get you set up with a new storage unit.

Still not sure how self storage works, click here to view our “Ultimate Guide to Renting Self Storage”.  This guide answers questions about what fits in typical storage sizes, climate vs. non-climate storage, contracts, etc…..

Michael Rogers

Chandler Properties

A Bit About Us

Chandler Properties was founded in 2000 when Michael Chandler Rogers was a junior in college at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

“My Company started with a small down payment from my savings and a leap of faith from a local banker that gave me my first loan on a small two unit duplex. I immediately rented the property out and was hooked. From meeting tenants, making repairs, negotiating with bankers, I enjoyed all aspects of real estate.” Micheal Rogers.

Over the years various properties were bought and a few were sold. We’ve mostly grown over time and currently have 11 residential units, 350 storage units, and a half dozen commercial units in our portfolio. As we’ve grown the company we’ve always focused on finding great tenants and then rewarding them with quality properties at an affordable price. We routinely get referrals from current and prior tenants. That is one of our biggest sources of pride; knowing that our customers appreciate our services.

Our history is great, but I bet you are wondering what’s in it for you?

6 Benefits to Renting With Us

  • AFFORDABLE PRICE ON RENT –  We focus on renting our units at a fair price.
  • NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS –  Our self storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis.  So there is never any long-term commitment.  This offers you plenty of flexibility as life changes.
  • USE OF TECHNOLOGY –  Our system allows customers to browse our inventory, pay monthly rent online, and even rent a storage unit online.  The features make it easier for our customers to keep up with the administrative headache of renting Cleveland, Tennessee mini-warehouses.
  • WELL MAINTAINED FACILITIES – We work hard to keep our storage and apartments neat, clean and safe. When you move in a storage unit, it will be swept clean for you. If you are renting an apartment, you will find they are located in nice neighborhoods and are very clean and well maintained. No worrying about having to clean up a dirty house before you can even move into your new house.
  • DEPENDABLE SERVICE –  If we promise to do something, we will follow through with those promises. Check out our reviews from prior tenants. Tenants trust us to do the right thing. If you are responsible and pay your rent timely, you’ll love renting from us!
  • LOCALLY OWNED –  We are locally owned company. When you rent from us you will be supporting local business and your rent dollars will be going back into local economy – not a big corporation located far away.

Why Should I Rent Self Storage?

Are you wondering why people typically rent self storage?  I’ve been in the self storage business for almost a decade and these are the most common reasons you might want to consider renting a mini-storage unit….

  • Moving – This is probably what generates the largest majority of self storage rentals.
  • Renovating or remodeling a house.
  • Downsizing current house to a smaller space.
  • Divorce or change in relationship status.
  • De-clutter the house or garage so the house is more presentable.
  • Store business supplies or equipment for a small business.

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