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Chandler Properties currently has 11 residential units, 350 storage units, and a half dozen commercial units in their portfolio. As they have grown the company, they always focused on finding great tenants and rewarding them with quality properties at an affordable price. Chandler Properties routinely receives referrals from current and prior tenants. One of their biggest sources of pride is knowing that their customers appreciate their services.

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“I first rented from Michael when I was in my senior year at Lee University and into my first year of teaching. He was very helpful with lawn maintenance, keeping the property sprayed so there wouldn’t be ants or bugs and came by with air filters for the A/C unit. I liked that Michael was pro-active with the property we rented rather than re-active. I know that if there had been any problem we wouldn’t hesitate to call him and get the issue resolved. The peace of mind I have from doing business with Michael and Chandler Properties is worth it! I would recommend him to anyone!”  – Christina L. "

I rented a climate controlled unit at their Westland Drive facility for a year. Management is very helpful and friendly. The whole experience from check in to check out is easy and efficient. I was able to do everything on-line. The units are modern, clean and the the premises are secure. The price is hard to beat and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to rent in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area. One of the best!!!  Mark S.

"Rented a unit in 2013 and again in 2016. Shopped around town and Chandler offered the best security and pricing. I also appreciate the secure automatic online payment options."

James P.

"I rented from Michael for a little over a year and only left due to an out of state move. Had I stayed in Cleveland, I would have rented from him much longer. He was by far the best landlord I have every had. Rent is reasonable, and the apartments are well-cared for. I didn't have many problems requiring me to contact Michael, but when I did, he was very prompt in attending to them. I would absolutely recommend Chandler Properties!" Rachael H.
"Chandler Properties is such a great place to rent an apartment from! Michael is very nice and a great landlord! He is completely honest and straightforward! If there were any issues with the apartment at all he would come out fast as he could to resolve the issue! All of the apartments are in great shape and very nice to live in! If anyone is looking to rent a place in Cleveland I would only rent from Chandler Properties!" Michael & Teresa M.

"We have had a great experience using Chandler Properties storage units. With a gated entrance, we know our unit is safe and secure. The property is kept extremely clean and the owner has been very accommodating and professional. Storage is reasonably priced with a location that is easy to access."  Christine J.