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Blythe Ferry Road House Renovation Complete


After a little over two months, the house on Blythe Ferry Road in Cleveland, Tennessee is now renovated and ready to rent.  Below are a few “Before” photos of what the house looked like when we purchased it.


First Week

The first week of rehab consisted of removing the personal contents of the house, removing the old carpet and pad, and cleaning the house.  The workers filled up two, 30 yard dumpsters of trash!  The chimney was repaired and several pieces of worn out plywood sub-flooring was replaced during this first week.


Electrical & Plumbing Repair

We then removed all of the old galvanized steel water pipes and replaced them with Pex water pipes and a new water heater.  We also replaced all the light fixtures, outlets, added smoke/carbon dioxide detectors, and updated the electrical of the house.


Interior Prep & Paint

Then came the removal of the old wall paper.  There was a lot of it and this took time!  Followed by patching/ sheetrocking holes where the plumbing pipe was replaced.  All the ceilings, walls, and trim were painted on the inside.


Outside Repairs & Paint

The outside was also painted and the back deck was stained.  New gutters were installed and the brick was cleaned from where the previous owners had accidentally let paint splatter onto the brick.


Final Touches

The kitchen was updated with a new stove, cook top, microwave, and refrigerator.  We also updated the faucets and shower hardware.  Finally, new carpet and garage doors were installed this past week.  The house has really come back to life and looks great!


Below are a few pictures of the house after renovation.

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